This is a guide for parents who would like some help with books that they could buy or borrow from the library for their children, once they get to Level 23/4 or above.

Below is a list (by no means comprehensive!) of suggested authors and titles.

Once your child is at this stage in reading, please avoid authors such as Philip Pullman or Anthony Horowitz, or the Harry Potter series which are much more complex on many different levels and can prove difficult for the children to follow (although you can read them to the children yourselves, of course). Our aim is to foster a love of reading and, at times, it is important that they read books where they find the text ‘easy’, encouraging confidence and comprehension. I hope you find this list useful!

Janet and/or Allan Ahlberg Improbable Cat

Mrs Wobble the Waitress

Mr Tick the Teacher


The Woman Who Won Things

Please Mrs Butler (Poetry)

Quentin Blake  Mr MagnoliaMrs Armitage (series)

The Green Ship

Puffin Book of Nonsense Verse (Poetry)

Dick King-Smith Sophie Adventure series

The Hodgeheg

The Queens Nose

The Invisible Dog

George Speaks


The Guard Dog

Lady Lollipop

The Finger-Eater


dick king smith
Roald Dahl The Twits

Georges Marvellous Medicine

The Magic Finger

Fantastic Mr Fox

(avoid Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, etc. – a bit too challenging at this stage.)

Michael Morpurgo A Medal for Leroy

Billy the KidOut of the Ashes

Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

The Butterfly Lion


Private Peaceful


Little Manfred

Born to Run

Running Wild

Farm Boy


Anne Fine Bill’s New Frock

Flour Babies

Diary of a Killer Cat

Nag Club

The Angel of Nitshill Road

The Granny Project

Goggle Eyes

David Walliams Demon Dentist

Mr Stink

Gangsta Granny

The Boy in the Dress

Jeremy Strong My Brother’s Famous Bottom

There’s a Pharaoh in Our Bath

Hundred Mile an Hour Dog

There’s a Viking in My Bed

Beware Killer Tomatoes


Cartoon Kid

The Indoor Pirates

Jacqueline Wilson Diamond – Hetty Feather

Four Children and It

The Emerald Star


Daisy and the Trouble With Burglars.




Happy Reading!!!

Ruth Cornish