Our digital learning strategy empowers each of our pupils to take ownership of their learning journey and become inspiring changemakers.


On entering Key Stage 2 all Alumnis pupils are provided with a Chromebook for use at school and home. With learning delivered through a blended approach, online platforms can provide additional support and access to the C360 curriculum while parental access, in combination with their teacher and child, creates a powerful and informed learning community.


Pupil use of digital learning fosters an understanding of using powerful tools to present, record, refine and explain learning. It allows teachers to provide unique scaffolding and feedback, which in turn, develops the habitual innovation needed to allow our pupils to make decisions about and plan for their preferred method of learning.

This facilitates a gateway to entrepreneurism and innovation. The opportunity to be part of a global community creates confident characters equipt to solve problems and rise to any challenge to become a C360 global citizen. re to transform the vision of C360 into a practical reality creating inspirational change.