Minutes from the AGM


LP opened meeting and thanked all for attendance


No set agenda in view of content of meeting


Consolidation of previous academic year PTFA committee matters

Committee finances completed by AB, these have been verified, over view given:


Sum available year end: £4077.40

£2165 donations made to school during last year


LP and AB working in collaboration to streamline finance documentation to align all with PTFA.


LP identified highlights from previous committee in terms of finance as Bingo, disco, Ice cream sales and Summer fair.


Expenditure from PTFA funds from previous committee identified as:

Jackets and Gazebos, leaver’s assembly and leavers disco.


Resolutions submitted by members:

Nil identified


LP thanked members for their support during what was a superb and enjoyable year.


DR thanked LP and members for their work over the past year.




Nominations for Next academic year PTFA elected members


Nomination for Chair requested: LP nominated by TN and seconded by BY, nomination carried unanimously.


Nomination for vice chair requested: FB nominated, seconded by ML, nomination carried unanimously.

AB nominated as treasurer, seconded by LP.

BY nominated as secretary and seconded by LP.


LP to compile a list identifying PTFA helpers who wish to offer support at events but do not wish to attend meetings or read minutes.


Future meeting plans:


LP identified Thursday or Friday AM’s for meetings regarding day to day running and general actions required on behalf of PTFA


LP suggested that Bi annual meetings are held out of school hours to discuss significant agenda items such as summer fair, leavers disco dates, LP proposed that these could be supported by the after school club to facilitate teachers and parents to attend. DR agreed and LP/DR to agree dates asap.


Chair highlighted lack of teacher involvement in previous years but representation of teachers appears improved this year, biannual meetings to discuss major events, held out of school hours should also improve this.



Direction of PTFA finances for new academic year

It was agreed that this coming year finances would continue towards raising funds for Tablets for use in IT suite and classes, it was highlighted that it must be ensured that these are compatible with present IT equipment.  LP and DR to work in collaboration with GP and RR regarding the logistics surrounding the viability of this and in terms of long term financial maintenance.


DR highlighted that any investment in IT should incorporate the whole site including Tiddlers.


ML highlighted that some of the funds that were raised from last academic year benefit children present in the school this academic year as they were involved in the raising of the funds. It was agreed that as in previous years the PTFA would financially support the leavers disco.


LP and FB highlighted the need for LP to set aside £500 for incidentals encountered during the year, it was suggested that a minimum of £1000 should be available for the summer fair and therefore the account should hold £1500.





Agreed fund raising events for this academic year:

Bingo: 23rd November 2016 – Village hall booked

School Disco: February 2017

Christmas: Dinner, Market, Christmas Fair. Dinner to involve PTFA including suitable Christmas themed fancy dress and provision of decorations. LP to discuss requirements with Julie

Christmas markets: Did not make profit last academic year but it was agreed that this was an event that was enjoyed greatly by the children and should be continued this year

Easter colouring competitions

Summer fair

Leavers disco and assembly

Sports day (discussed as option but not yet agreed)

Duck race (discussed as option but not yet agreed)

NDA arena: FB highlighted possibility of fundraising in association with NDA, FB to look into related logistics and feedback at next meeting.


Other business

ER highlighted his plans to complete a course that will enable him to train children in the use of kayaks and suggested that this may enable the incorporation of kayak use into sea school.  This will be revisited in 2017.



Agenda items identified for next meeting:

  • Duck race
  • PTFA involvement in sports day
  • Dates of future events
  • Fundraising in association with NDA arena
Dear Parents,

PTFA Annual General Meeting – Thursday 29th September 2016
7pm at Combe Martin Primary School.

The PTFA AGM is being held to review last year’s finances, election of chairperson, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer, update committee members list and agree focus for the 2016/2017 PTFA events and expenditure.

All are welcome to attend.

If you would like to be a committee member, or involved in any way with the PTFA, but are unable to attend this meeting please email Lizzie Pash ([email protected]) prior to this meeting.

Thank you



The PTFA Summer Fair raised more than £1200 for the children. Thank you to everyone involved!


The PTFA are in need of your donations for the Summer Fair.

If you have any clean unloved teddy’s for the ‘Teddy Tombola’, unwanted alcohol for the ‘hook a bottle’, sweets or raffle prizes, please bring them into school on Friday 1st July.

We will need cakes also, but would appreciate these brought in on the day of the fair. 

Thank you
The Easter bingo was a huge success making £506.73 profit. This was the first event under the new ‘chairpersonship’ of Lizzie Pash and committee.
The next meeting is the 14th April at 3.30pm in the ICT room.
The PTFA would like to say a big thank you to all who supported the Easter Fayre at Tiddlers on Saturday Afternoon.  We raised a fantastic amount of £308.78.
Easter Bingo – don’t forget during the Easter Holiday the PTFA are hosting Bingo in the Village Hall on Wednesday 30th March.  All welcome.  Doors open @ 7.00pm for eyes down at 8.00pm.
If anyone is able to donate cakes/biscuits for this event it would be greatly appreciated.  Please drop off at the Village Hall between 5.30pm – 6.30pm.
The next meeting will be held on 14th April @3.30pm everyone welcome.   If you would like to help at future events please let anyone on the committee know.