At Combe Martin we are incorporating Building Learning Power into our curriculum. Learning is about knowing facts and also understanding how we learn and being able to use these skills in all of our education. Guy Claxton's BLP is a good basis from which to develop our learning styles. At Combe Martin we call BLP being a Super Learner!


Guy Claxton's Building Learning Power has one big ambition, based on 
three core beliefs
, nurtured by three root systems, leading
to a revolution in learning.

Three core beliefs from which we are developing are:

  1. BLP believes that the core purpose of education is to prepare young people for life after school; helping them to build up the mental, emotional, social and strategic resources to enjoy challenge and cope well with uncertainty and complexity
  2. BLP believes that this purpose for education is valuable for all young people and involves helping them to discover the things that they would really love to be great at, and strengthening their will and skill to pursue them.
  3. This confidence, capability and passion can be developed since real-world intelligence is something that people can be helped to build up.