Welcome to Class 4!

It seems like an eternity since March 20th, the final day of school before lockdown. I can’t wait for school to be normal again and we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the children’s experience of school isn’t vastly distant from what they experienced before.

This term, our topic work is focused on Crime and Punishment. We will explore the systems in place in different countries around the world and throughout different periods in history.

Our class reader this term is Varjak Paw, which is simply one of the best children’s books ever written in my opinion. It is my 8th reading of this book to various years of children and I never fail to enjoy every single page.


In English, we will be using the animation Soar as a stimulus for our writing. This is a wonderful, wordless animation, beautifully illustrated and with a heart-warming message of co-operation and determination. It also has one of the most delightful revelations at its finale. You can view it here, but keep it secret! I don’t want to reveal the end to the children just yet!



In maths, our units of work begin with place value and move through addition/subtraction, statistics, multiplication/division, ending with perimeter and area at Christmas time.


Please ensure that time is given at home to reading. This should be in a variety of forms, including individual reading, audio books, shared reading or being read to. This should be a time that they enjoy and not a chore. If you find this to a battle in anyway, please let me know and I will endeavour to support you both with a way to move forward.

I also regularly maintain a record of the books that they read and the number of pages in each book so that you can see just how much they have read over the course of the year.


In science we will be looking at evolution during the first half of the term and then shifting to electricity in the run up to Christmas.

Art and DT

Our art for this term will focus on the works of Banksy, whilst we will be making mechanical toys using the principle of cams in DT.

Home Learning

The children will have homework set on Google Classroom, as required, to support their learning or to prepare them for future learning. This may take different forms and should not be onerous. I don’t want this to be in any way distressing and if you find it takes more than 30 minutes to complete, please come and discuss this with me.

We are excited to settle into our new way of working soon and look forward to seeing you over the coming weeks.


Mr Hookes, Mrs Peters, Mrs Kiff, Mrs Jetten