Combe Martin School Newsletter – 10th October 2022 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I can’t believe there are only two weeks left until half term, time certainly has  

flown by! As the weather has turned, please ensure that your child comes to  

school with a school cardigan, jumper or hoodie every day, including PE days and  

don’t forget a warm waterproof coat! We are arranging another uniform swap  

shop at the end of term so please keep hold of any outgrown uniform. 

It’s Harvest Time! 

Our Harvest Festival at St Peters is fast approaching. Due to limited space in the  church, we are only inviting parents and carers on the day but so that everyone  has the opportunity to celebrate with us, this week we will be holding a  Community Harvest Assembly in the school hall on Wednesday 12th at 2.30 for any  extended family and community members who would like to join us and hear the  children sing. 

This year, we are collecting any items that your family  

is kind enough to donate for the Northern Devon  

Foodbank in Ilfracombe. We will be putting boxes in  

each class and another in the reception area to collect  

the donations up until Tuesday the 18th. Thank you to  

Anne Lewis who has been in to visit us and share how vital the work of this charity  is. As well as collecting donations, our school is also a place for people to receive help from the foodbank, so if you or someone you know is in need of support,  don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help. 

Parent Consultations 

This week, class teachers will be sharing their availability for our parent  consultation week straight after half term. Don’t forget to book yourself a slot! 

Key dates this term: 

Wednesday 12th Oct 2.30-3pm – Community Harvest Assembly in the  School Hall for members of the  community and extended family. 

Tuesday 18th Oct 1.30 – Harvest Service at St Peters. Parents and Carers. 

Friday 21st Oct – Non Pupil Day w/c 24th Oct – Half Term Break 

w/c 31st Oct – Parent Evenings 

Thursday 1st Dec – KS1 Christmas  Productions, 2-3pm & 5.30-6.30pm 

Wednesday 7th Dec, Christmas Service at  St Peters, 1.30-2.30 

Monday 12th – Tiddlers Nativity, 2-3pm 

Tuesday 13th – Carols and Mince Pies for  the Community, 2.30-3pm 

Friday 16th Dec – Christmas Dinner More Dates to follow!

Thank you 

We are lucky to have a special volunteer called Ros Whatley on our team who has  

been volunteering in Jellyfish Class, reading with the children and leading art  

sessions for a number of years. Thank you Ros for your hard work and dedication.  

Here are some wonderful Kandinsky inspired pictures they have created and we  

look forward to sharing their next masterpieces with you all! 

Another thank you to our PTFA and Ilfracombe Rotary Club for funding an author visit 

through Appledore Book Festival from John Townsend.  

Thank you also to Reverend Mark Ruoff from St Peters for coming in to lead his first  

assembly with us all about our focus virtue, Gratitude 

PTFA Fundraising 

With Christmas approaching, if you and your family and friends are shopping  

on Amazon, please log in through ‘Amazon Smile’ and select ‘Friends of  

Combe Martin School.’ Amazon will then donate money to the school every  

time you shop! Please find instructions at the bottom of this letter. 

Community News 

I was lucky enough to be involved in the first Community Play Areas Committee meeting this weekend. It was great  to see so many people there, coming up with ideas to fundraise. I look forward to sharing this with our School  Councillors so they can start work on how the school can get involved! 

Class Updates 

Starfish Class: Mrs Swift 

In maths this week, we read the book ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ and then used different resources to  compare amounts. We finished the week by testing whether we could fit all of the reception children into  one of our outdoor trays. It was so much fun and definitely a squash and a squeeze! 

Jellyfish: Miss Lewis 

We have been learning about bees and have written descriptive sentences as well as all about why  they are important. Y1 have been comparing numbers and working with number lines and our Y2s  have started 'Tough 10' challenges - 10 questions to get their Maths brains working! We have seen  

lots of enthusiastic mathematicians - enjoying learning and using different resources! We have also been historians  and biologists, learning all about an Inspiring Changemaker, Neil Armstrong and how animals can be grouped. 

Dolphins: Miss Challacombe 

Dolphin’s got the chance to hear, John Townsend, an inspiring author and speaker in a special  assembly this week, further encouraging our love of reading and hopefully Inspiring a few  budding authors. He was very entertaining too! 

Puffins: Mrs Railston 

On Thursday morning Puffins were really excited to have a live online assembly from Google and  Parent Zone all about how to Be Internet Legends and stay safe when we are online. This is really  important for the children to know about, especially as they get older and have access to their own  devices. We learnt all about the Legends Code – to be Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave when we  are online.

Seals: Mr Guyler 

Seals have been learning all about journalistic writing and improving their mathematical skills in  the 4 main opperations. In a very tasty science experiment, we used sweets to demonstrate the  processes of osmosis and diffusion in the body! 

In each newsletter we will post an idea for a way to encourage your children to  

read at home and some book recommendations! 

Helping with Reading at Home: 

Concentrate on reading quality (it isn’t all about reading lots!) Don’t worry too  

much about the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of reading each day. Books are great—but  

leaflets, comics, recipes and instructions on a webpage can all be great too. Following a recipe to make some  cupcakes is valuable reading. Be on the lookout for reading, wherever it is! 

Book Recommendations from Mrs Railston 

'The Nothing to See Here Hotel' by Steven Butler. A story set in a hotel for magical creatures  which follows what happens when the difficult guest Prince Grogbah arrives to stay! 

 'The Girls' and 'The Boys' by Lauren Ace. Beautiful books which show how  

friendships can last a lifetime. 

Amazon Wishlist:

We hope you all have a lovely couple of weeks in the lead up to half term! 

Warmest regards, 

Dee Seddon  


Instructions for Amazon Smile 

First, go to the Amazon Smile website :- 

Instead of the normal logo, you should see the following logo : 

Unless you were already logged into Amazon before opening the Amazon Smile  

page, you will now be asked to Sign in - just use your usual Amazon login details. 

On the next page, under where it says ‘Pick your own charitable organisation:’,  

enter :- Friends of Combe Martin School

Finally, on the following page where you see our charity name, click the Select button. 

We thank you in advance for your support. 

Friends of Combe Martin School

Click here for information about Family Support from Devon County Council.

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