Pie Corbett - The story of a storyteller - This video was linked to our newsletter 14th June. Pie talks about why reading is so important. The number of words your child knows when they are 3 is an indicator of how will they will do in their Y6 SATS and the number of words at 7 how well they will do in their GCSE exams. Do you read to your child. When we asked in assembly a lot of children read but not a lot are read to.

Kindness video shown in assembly Monday 17th June. This video supports our PHSE work from the beginning of the year when we talked about friendship tokens. Being kind is extremely important and a key part of our school behaviour policy... be safe, be ready and be respectful. The children when building the CMPS world in term one this year identified kindness straight away. Sadly, some children don't always act in a kind way towards each other. Maybe discussing this video with your child will show them that kindness comes back!