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At Combe Martin Primary School we use our WITS:




For full and further information please read the Federation Anti-Bullying Policy – which can be found here.


The definition of ‘Bullying’ is;

‘ a persistent act of cruelty to another person. It is deliberate, it can be aggressive, it is repeated often over a period of time, and it is difficult for the victim to defend themselves.’

Bullying can take many forms;

  • VERBAL – name calling, insulting, offensive remarks, sarcasm and teasing.
  • PHYSICAL – hitting, kicking, hiding, and taking belongings, punching, pinching, violent threats.
  • INDIRECT BULLYING can include spreading stories about someone, exclusion from groups, malicious gossip and rumours, social media, emails or text messages.
  • RACIST BULLYING includes taunts, graffiti and gestures
  • SEXUAL Bullying or HOMOPHOBIA will include unwanted physical contact and abusive comments.


At school we will ensure…

  • That the incident(s) is correctly identified as bullying
  • Children can tell anyone
  • Children can write their issues and post it e.g. Issues Boxes
  • Reports are treated in the first instance as confidential and they must be investigated separately –Bully and victim.
  • Staff MUST report ALL incidents first to the class teacher, then to the SLT  and as a final recourse to the Head Teacher
  • Parents will be contacted at an early stage on both sides
  • All racial incidents will be reported to the Senior Leadership Team
  • We will investigate and talk to witnesses
  • all staff are alerted
  • Impose consequences fairly and consistently
  • Take action to prevent further incidents
  • Encourage the ‘Bully’ to accept responsibility and obtain an apology
  • Consider counselling
  • Encourage the use of a Buddies
  • Encourage a Peer Mentoring system
  • Establish a point of contact for the child to report any further problems
  • Encourage a ‘Circle of Friends’ approach
  • Encourage the children to use their W.I.T.S.


Walk away – Ignore the bully – Tell  Someone

At Combe Martin we are part of the ANTI BULLYING ALLIANCE – Please see their pages for advice if you need it (click on the picture above).

This advice from Kids Health Website will help you at home… <MORE HERE>

You can do your part at home, too. Here are five smart strategies to keep kids from becoming targets — and stop bullying that has already started:

  1. Talk about it.
  2. Can you remove the reason? 
  3. Buddy up for safety.
  4. Keep calm and carry on.
  5. Don’t try to fight the battle yourself.