In association with our curriculum provision we offer an exciting scheme of Residentials through the Academic year. All trips are designed not only to enhance the curriculum topics but develop each child’s experience outside of the classroom, through art, heritage, culture and a bit ofadventure! In providing broad schemes of enterprise for each residential, children learn valuable skills, raise aspirations and, through sharing experiences with both peers and children from other schools, often make friends for life. However well intended, at CMPS we have experienced some very low take up on Residential and we have had to think carefully about how often we ask parents to contribute towards these trips as well as our ‘BIG EXPERIENCES’ (which we use to immerse the children in their learning).

To try and help resolve this low take up we informed you last year that we intended to change our residential visits schedule. We have reduced down to two big city residentials to reducing the overall amount of money needed to support our residentials over the time your child is at CMPS and to link the content of the visits more closely with the learning in the classroom. We are adding two more local residentials to the Pinkery Centre on Exmoor - for Y3 and Y5. These trips are part of the children’s geographical and environmental learning and we want all of the children to be at the Pinkery Centre for the duration of the visit.

This trip format will remain the same for the foreseeable future - so we hope that, using this information, you can financially plan to support your to child gain the experience of going away with the school. We also hope that you can, knowing the schedule, plan sleepovers and trips with friends so they are emotionally prepared for the experience of being away from home. Our schedule will be...

Year 2 will be having their Shark Sleepover in June. This is around £68 and is the ideal opportunity for your child to experience an overnight stay without parents prior to the Y3 residential. The children sleep in Plymouth Aquarium! A fantastic night away!

Year 3 will be having a one night stay at the Pinkery Centre on Exmoor. This is a whole class experience and is built into the Sea School and Geography learning for the year. The children will stay over on the night of the 5th March. They will take part in outdoor activities comparing the locations of Exmoor and Combe Martin and return on the 6th March. The trip will be around £50 plus transport costs. There could be an option for parents to collect their child if they do not want them to stay overnight.

Year 4 will be going to Bristol. This is a great cultural and historical residential which we trialled last year. In class we will be learning about the Victorians and Isombard Kingdom Brunel and Bristol was at the heart of his work. This residential was £260 last year and we hope to keep the price very close to last year. You can see the pictures from last year’s trip to Bristol on our Flickr page - There is a link from the front page of our website. This trip will go ahead in March 2019.

Year 5 will be having a two night stay at the Pinkery Centre on Exmoor. This is a whole class experience and is built into the Sea School and Geography learning for the year. The children will travel up to the Pinkery Centre, take part in outdoor activities with the aim of completing the John Muir award, staying over on the nights of the 18th and 19th of March. The trip will be around £100 plus transport costs.

Year 6 will be going to London. This is a fantastic residential where the children can experience our capital city and visit cultural landmark attractions. This is a very busy trip with lots squeezed into the four night stay. This is an expensive residential - as you would expect - at around £400 (£320 plus transport, which has not yet been confirmed). Y6 children have already had their letter informing them of the trip. There are several albums of pictures from London on Flickr and you will be able to see other pictures on twitter.


We also have an additional trip for KS2 children to Barton Hall PGL. This will run around June and costs approximately £250 for the Friday to Sunday. The trip is not curriculum based but is a fantastic opportunity to challenge the children’s limits in an outdoor and adventurous situation. We take part in canoeing, climbing, archery, swimming, zip wire, high ropes… all manner of activities (the list will be confirmed nearer the time). We would ask, however, that you do not send children on this residential in place of the learning experience trips.

In your School Pay account there is the facility to ‘save’ towards trips. You can use this to put money aside and then pay the balance of trips as you need to. Putting money in this savings area does not transfer the total to school and you can request a refund from the ScoPay company (paid by cheque) if you needed to. Once the trip payment option opens for the residential visit your child will be going on you can make a payment from the ‘savings’ section. We will open the contributions for the trip as soon as we can for each trip.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope this helps you to plan in advance. If you would like more information regarding ‘voluntary contributions’ please visit the page on this website. This explains why we have to ask for contributions from parents. If you would like to discuss options for payment please make an appointment to speak to me, especially if you are a Pupil Premium eligible family.

Our expectations on Residential


We always ask parents not to pack sweets in their children’s bags. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, eating in rooms is not allowed. If your child chokes on a sweet when in their room, after lights out, it is possible they will not get help in time to stop them from being seriously hurt or worse. Secondly, children usually binge on their sweets and can make themselves sick. This spoils their trip and the children in the room with them. Please DO NOT pack sweets.

Choosing food when on residential.

Please make sure that your child has made appropriate food choices. The quality of food in the places we choose to eat is usually very good. It is not, however, the same as you make at home. We often have children who choose food they don’t like. When we preorder food there is usually no opportunity to give them anything else. If your child is choosy please prepare them for the trip by discussing ‘having a try’ and talking about the fact that ‘you need energy to get you through the next day’.

The correct kit.

We try and give a good idea about what to bring when we go away. Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements. When we ask for items like a ‘waterproof coat’ please make sure the coat you send is waterproof. The children need the correct kit as they will be cold, wet or uncomfortable if they have not got enough clothes. This makes them unhappy and they will not have a good time - which is one of the reasons we run residential visits.

Packing up

Please involve your child when you pack for the trip. Parents are usually good at packing... children are not. When we pack to come home most children have problems getting everything back in their bag. Knowing how to pack a sleeping bag or strip a bed is an essential skill. Sometimes when we arrive at a residential children need to make beds. They will need to be able to put a duvet into a duvet cover, put pillows into their cases and put a sheet on the bed.

Eating out on residential

We treat eating out as if we are in a restaurant. Children are expected to be able to use a knife and fork properly, hold a conversation with an inside voice and be able to sit at the table. Every setting has different rules on how the allocation of food works but we expect that children listen well and follow the rules given. Sometimes we are required to clean and wash up. Children will be given roles to complete and it is useful if they have had previous experience! Tasks like; sweeping up, wiping tables, washing dishes and setting tables are expected at the Pinkery more than the other trips.