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At our schools Physical Education and Sport plays an important role in ensuring that we offer the very best and enriched experiences to our children.

PE has a particularly high focus within the school day and also during lunchtime provision and through extra-curricular and extension activities.


We plan to deliver wide range of PE experiences to the pupils, with the aim of increasing engagement and inspiring the development of specific skills and knowledge essential for healthy life-style choices.

The sports taught are wide and varied, both during the school day, and as extra-curricular clubs. Throughout the course of the academic year opportunities include, netball, hockey, tag-rugby, football, volleyball, tennis and cross-country running. In addition, we attend a wide variety of sporting events that have high participation rates. The opportunity for our children to compete against other children drives our PE provision and the children learn necessary team working skills as well as having time to analyse and plan strategies.

To further the development of of PE teaching we employ a Specialist Teaching Assistant to work with the teachers, enhancing their knowledge and pedagogy.

Key Stage one children are also taught to develop control, skills and stamina in PE. We participate in as many PE orientated festivals as possible to offer the children the experience of co-operation and competition during games.

Being a coastal school we place a high importance on the teaching of swimming as a life skill. Lessons are held at the local pool every week from Year 2 onwards. With the school being close to the local swimming club, Ilfracombe, we have some strong swimmers and are developing opportunities for children who have not had as much practice as their peers. With the development of our distinct identity as a ‘Sea School’, we will be incorporating ocean physical activity into the Curriculum e.g. surfing, kayaking etc.

To complement our PE provision we hold curriculum focus weeks. Healthy Schools & Fitness and Safety Weeks are run annually where parents and the local community are invited to assist us in promoting a healthy life style to the pupils. Provision for pupils includes visits from the Police, Fire Service, visits to shops, healthy eating taste testing, Sex and Relationships Education, e-safety [and more].

School Sports Day incorporates family groupings participating in mixed cooperative activities as well as the traditional competitive sports. All children are included from EYFS to Year 6 and experience being competitive, cooperative and working for their team.

The school is keen to provide a wide range of extra-curricular clubs for pupils throughout the year. Many of these clubs are run by our teaching and support staff. Pupils enjoy the opportunity to work with different teachers and coaches and have the chance to try sports such as; Netball, Tennis, Football, Multi- skills, Hockey, Cricket, Rounders, Athletics, Surfing, Kwik- Cricket and Cross Country. We monitor participation and check uptake against gender, SEN and free school meals.


Our school is part of the Ilfracombe Learning Community of Schools, a group of ten schools, includes one secondary school. The ILC offers festivals and competitions for the children and the sharing of good practice. We have found this beneficial as it has given our children the opportunity to participate regularly in Inter-School competitions, and use the wider range of resources which the secondary school in the cluster is able to offer. There are a wide range of competitions which allow all children to compete e.g. Athletics, Multi-Skills Festival etc.

Within the Trust, Woolacombe School organises the long-standing and successful North Devon Aquathlon. More than 250 pupils participate every year. We also assist in the running of the Ilfracombe Swimming Gala.

The costs of the swimming pool and transportation to and from Ilfracombe is substantial. We heavily subsidised the overall costs through parental contribution, the school budget and fund raising.


At Combe Martin we hope to inspire children to participate and make healthy choices by:

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