Class 3 Autumn Term 2017

Hello and welcome back to school. We hope you all had a great Summer break and are ready for the new school year. We are very excited to get to know not only your child but you as well. Having parental support and open lines of communication is an essential part of a successful school year. Thank you for all you do for your child and our school, we are very grateful that you trust us to teach and care for your child each day. 

Mrs Railston will be working in class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Miss Lewis will be working in class on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Autumn Morning Afternoon
Monday Mrs Railston Mrs Railston
Tuesday Mrs Railston Music with Mrs Mortelock
Wednesday Mrs Railston Mrs Railston
Thursday Miss Lewis PE
Friday Miss Lewis Miss Lewis

We have a full and exciting term of events and we are sure that the children will enjoy all of the things we have planned!

Class Dojo

We will be continuing to use Class Dojo to keep you up to date with what we are doing in class. Using Dojo is a really useful tool which means we can easily communicate with you: we can instantly share messages, updates and photographs from class. It’s a great way for you to see what your child is doing in school and to get in touch with us. Please sign up to our new class using the code on the letter which has been sent home. You can use Dojo on any device, it is a simple free mobile app for iOS and Android and can also be used from a computer at


Our topic this term is Harmony and Conflict!  Our topic work will include a variety of activities covering: Science, Geography, History, ICT, Art and Design Technology.

We will begin by focusing on Harmony, continuing to look at the book which we shared with the children in July: ‘We’re All Wonders’ by R J Palacio. We will then move on to learning about World War Two. If you have any resources related to the topic, and are happy for them to be shown in class please let us know.


Children will be covering a range of text types in their English work, including Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction, some of this will be linked to our topic. As well as reading their independent reading books that they bring home, children will be participating in regular group reading sessions lead by a teacher.


The children will be working on a range of mathematics this term, including work on recognising numbers, counting, understanding the value of numbers, placing numbers in order, calculations, measures, shapes and handling data. 

You can continue to support your child by practising maths at home, using numbers in many situations, for example, telling the time, counting, money and learning times tables.

By the end of Year 4 children are expected to know all their times tables up to 12×12. Please help the children practise these at home, both in order and out of order including multiplications and divisions. There are plenty of times table games and activities on the internet too!


P.E will take place every Thursday afternoon. The children will be taking part in a range of PE activities this term. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school, including: a thin wind proof coat, well fitting trainers, black shorts, black or navy tracksuit trousers, a spare white T-shirt and a clean pair of socks. When the weather starts to get colder please add a sweat shirt, a black or dark coloured hat and a pair of gloves! Please make sure that your child’s name is in all of their kit. A plastic bag kept inside the PE bag is always useful too, for muddy trainers to be stored in! 

Super Learners and Growth Mindset

We will be continuing to think about how to be a successful Super Learner. The main focus of this approach is to enable children (and adults) to become more self aware as learners, to develop successful learning habits and to understand that we can all continually improve on those habits. The ultimate goal is for us all to have ‘portable learning power’ – the ability to learn what we need to in whatever circumstances we may find ourselves.

 We also aim to continue to develop a growth mindset throughout our school – children and adults, including parents! We want to instil in every student, teacher and parent the belief that the brain is like a muscle.  It grows, develops and indeed becomes more intelligent when mistakes are made and then corrected through feedback.  Moreover it is the belief that intelligence, and abilities, can be significantly developed through practice; an individual’s end point is not pre-determined – there is limitless potential.   


Reading is an essential life skill which underpins all of our work at school. It is a school expectation that all children read at home daily with parents and make a note of it in the Blue Love Reading books, these will replace the red reading diaries this year so all reading must be recorded in them. Please encourage the children to continue using these books to show their enjoyment of reading and their wide range of reading outside school!

Even when children are already fluent readers we can still help them to develop their reading skills. The best way is to continue to share books with your child, regularly listening to them read, sometimes reading to or with them, but also discussing books read in increasing depth. Most importantly, we want all the children to develop a ‘love for reading’, we will be sharing a range of texts with them in class and hope they will also widen their reading choices out of school and share them with us!

Each week the children will have a Reading Task to complete at home which will be linked to the work which we have done during their Guided Reading sessions. These Reading Tasks should be completed in the blue Love Reading books. We will be checking the Love Reading books on a weekly basis.

Our Reading Area in the classroom is ready for the children to add their work and thoughts to! We’d like them to think about the idea that reading takes you on a journey and we’d really love them to bring in photographs showing themselves reading in unusual places to display in class.

Book Swap

The Book Swap is open for children to swap a book they’ve read for a new-to-them book. If they wish to, they may keep their chosen book forever, or they may bring it in for a new one when they have finished with it.

If your child would like to take part all they need to do is bring a book that they are willing to swap and put it in our Book Swap basket. We would like the children to complete a Book Review slip for each book which they bring in; these will be kept in the Book Swap basket in the classroom.

Donated books must be in reasonable condition (lightly used second hand books are ideal). Donated books should be appropriate for Year 3 and 4 children. They can be picture books, chapter books, fiction or non-fiction, books children may read on their own, or books to be read aloud by an adult. Swapped books may be kept forever so please make sure your child does not donate any book that they will want back!

Home Learning

We will be continuing to set home learning projects which will support the work which children are doing in school. It will be essential that children complete these projects in order to complete tasks in school and we hope you will support us and the children in their work. There will also be a Home Learning grid with a range of activities for the children to select from and complete over the term.

General Information

We encourage the children to be independent and it is their responsibility to bring their Love Reading book and reading books in on a daily basis. Each morning there will be a registration activity ready for children to work on when they come in to the classroom, please come into the classroom and help your child begin their morning task or have a go yourselves!

End of the Day

The cloakroom area for Classes 3 and 4 is… compact. Therefore, for health and safety reasons, we do ask the parents of Classes 3 and 4 children to remain outside to collect their children at the end of the day. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our work this term, please do come and see us, contact us via Class Dojo or through email.

Here’s to an enjoyable, fun filled and exciting Autumn Term!

Jo Railston and Amy Lewis